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During the pandemic, Blackbird Fitness & Nutrition was able to shift training sessions online - providing clients a sense of normalcy and the chance to keep up their progress and momentum. While gyms have reopened and we are back in the studio offering in-person training, we are aware that for some the opportunity to train online has proved more beneficial to their schedule and motivation.

Blackbird Fitness & Nutrition is excited to offer online personal training as a full-time option!. We continue to offer the same level of intensity and engagement clients just as we would with them in the gym. We will work to make sure you have the right form, use the right equipment, and provide the same insight and direction as your make gains from wherever works best.

Whether you are looking to extend your training success or get started with a trainer, Blackbird Fitness & Nutrition has online training options that match your needs. Contact us with any questions and to find out more about online training.

For the first time ever I feel like Blackbird has coached me towards a lifestyle that is sustainable and healthy.
Nicole Klepadlo
Nicole Klepadlo
Austin, Texas

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