What a difference a year can make..

What a difference a year can make..

IMG_9259After having had knee replacement and two foot surgeries that resulted in bone fusions in both feet, Blackbird Fitness helped me rehabilitate after each surgery. My knee is completely back to normal and I have more motion in it than was expected by my Doctor. Each surgery left me with some limitations that Blackbird Fitness has been successful in assisting me to recover quickly and to get me back in the gym on my own without me re-injuring myself.
Julia Kovach, Houston, TX
Training with Blackbird Fitness helped me gain a new perspective on my overall health and well being. Gaining the confidence and motivation to continue to work to see and feel positive changes. Workouts are always challenging yet diverse enough that there is no getting bored with workouts. I feel that Blackbird Fitness has been the best training that I have had and the only one to help me attain results.
Kyiunga Olson, Houston, TX
My experience with training with Brenda has been life changing. I walked into Blackbird Fitness six months ago after a tough two years. My body had tackled cancer, a move across the country, and a foot that broke twice. I wasn’t eating enough, my muscles were weak and I was winded just by walking. Brenda has taught me how to fuel my body and find balance with each day as it relates to exercise and nutrition. Her one on one training continues to push me to my limits, show results, and build confidence. Brenda is not only a trainer, but she is a mentor. She continues to inspire me to keep working at my goals.  My overall experience at Blackbird Fitness has been fulfilling, I feel stronger, understand nutrition and it’s fun.  It’s a community of great folks, the classes are smaller in nature and both Brenda and Marlo take great pride in ensuring good form during exercises and building relationships with clients.For the first time ever I feel like Blackbird has coached me towards a lifestyle that is sustainable and healthy. 
                                                                                                                      –Nicole Klepadlo, Austin, TX
I trained with Marlo for about 2 years until her move from the Houston area. As a 57 year old man that had never worked with a trainer I was a little apprehensive at the beginning. Marlo helped not only with my strength and endurance, she was a great help in the improvement of my golf game. I looked forward to our training sessions. I worked out early in the morning before work and found that I had a better outlook and “got more done” on those days. I lost weight but more importantly I gained muscle and felt better than I had in years. I cannot recommend Marlo highly enough. She is a dynamo in all that she attempts and I consider her a good friend.
Freddy Gebhardt, Houston, TX
I began training with Marlo under unique circumstances. Her honesty and integrity are a rare find in this day and age. I also find her training style and methods both unique and refreshing. She doesn’t follow the doctrine of lift heavy stuff a lot of times. Instead she incorporates balance, coordination, and strength while constantly varying the workout to make getting into the best shape of my life an enjoyable experience.
Gary Magee, Austin, TX
My name is Henry Thomas I was a two time PRO Bowler in the NFL and my career lasted 14 yrs. I’ve worked with Marlo for two years and in that time my strength and endurance have increased tremendously. Had I had the chance to work with her during my NFL career I would have made 16 – 18 years. For a true fitness experience with a fun and knowledgeable trainer MARLO is for you. There is no trainer that I have worked with that I would put before her.
Henry Thomas, Houston, TX
I’ve been an athlete all my life…but never really was in peak physical condition. I’ve had my share of trainers along the way, but no one truly knew how to take me to the next level. Then I met Marlo. What separated Marlo from the pack was her approach to training and nutrition. She’s the most strategic trainer I’ve ever worked with…she customized our sessions and coached me like an athlete. Every session was smart, fast and challenging….and always motivating. Over the last year she transformed this 42-yr-old former athlete into someone who’s never been fitter, stronger or happier. Who knew I had it in me (oh, wait, Marlo knew).
Jenifer Herrmann, NY, NY
Marlo has been a fantastic trainer and lifestyle coach. My initial focus was losing weight for my son’s wedding, but she helped me focus on making permanent changes to increase my overall energy, strength and core fitness. Our workouts were always challenging, and with Marlo’s encouragement, I pushed myself further than I ever imagined. Our nutrition discussions were invaluable, whether it was sharing recipes, setting up an eating plan, or bemoaning a binge and getting back on track. Thanks for all your help, Marlo!
Anne Katcher, NY, NY
My journey to reclaim a positive sense of self started over a decade ago, but only recently did I find the tools I need to reach my goal. Brenda Kovach of Blackbird Fitness has been an integral part of my journey and I owe much of my newfound success to her continued support and encouragement. When it comes to fitness, I am very much someone who benefits from guided support, consistency and accountability. Brenda delivers this and more – always with a smile and always as someone who truly cares about her clients’ wellbeing. In short, she inspires me.
                                                                                                                                      -Dawn Eicks, Austin, TX
Marlo was one of the instrumental parts of my health and lifestyle change. I never loved working out, nor was able to sustain a good momentum when I did. I met Marlo at a boutique gym in NYC with intimate size classes and our Saturday morning class was the best! We worked out and would all grab brunch after, remaining friends to this day. I was also lucky enough to have Marlo train me privately at the gym in my neighborhood as well. The sessions went fast because she made it fun and exciting, always changing it up. Even if we were gabbing, she never stopped counting or making me SWEAT! I had never been in better shape. I miss my friend and wish she was back here in New York.
Lulu Chen NY, NY
I worked with Marlo for almost 3 years on an average of 3 days per week. These workouts were always intense and never boring. They were always different which I really enjoyed. She helped increased my flexibility and strength. I looked forward to our 5:00 AM sessions it just started my whole day off in a positive manner. I can recommend Marlo for anyone wanting a good training session and just wished she hadn’t moved.
Mike Moore, Houston, TX
I am seventy-eight years old and have been somewhat of a fitness buff for thirty-five years. Eighteen months ago I decided to try a personal trainer. Fortunately, I signed-up with Marlo, who is an experienced trainer in nutrition and fitness. Her sessions are strenuous but fun. Within a few months, much to my surprise, my core strength and balance greatly improved. Marlo is a person who makes one feel as if your own personal health and fitness is the most important thing in her life.
Monty Stone, Houston TX
If I had to describe Blackbird Fitness and Nutrition in one word, it would be approachable. Along with Brenda and Marlo who are friendly, supportive, and attune to their client’s needs, their gym helps anyone who is lost with how to achieve their fitness and health goals find their way. And this is exactly what I needed when I came to Blackbird Fitness and Nutrition. Surrounded by the plethora of misinformation and fad diets, Brenda worked with me to break through the nonsense and create a wholesome, sustainable lifestyle that helped me reach my goals. I’ve built the confidence to work my way around any gym and grocery store, and I’m beyond grateful for the time and energy Brenda has and continues to invest in me.
                                                                                                                                 –Alexis Taylor, Austin, TX
Marlo was a fantastic trainer..whether it was advice on diet and nutrition or motivation to get me focused on my fitness goals, she was my teammate versus my coach. She really stayed focused  on the end goal throughout our 2+ years training.
Patrick Vardeman, Houston, TX
I first started training with Marlo after my second knee surgery at 55 years old. I had my ACL rebuilt in June of 2010 and even after six months of physical rehab therapy I did not trust my knee. My left leg was so weak and my balance so poor that I could not stand on one leg! Slowly, but surely, Marlo brought me back. She changed up exercises so that I was never bored. She also was a great resource for nutrition advice. Her outgoing and friendly personality backed by her “Can Do” attitude always made working out fun. I sing her praises every day. I have worked with other trainers and can only say that I wish Marlo was still in our area.
Patti Gebhardt, Houston, TX