Personal Training

What goes into a training program?
Well, that really depends on what your individual goals are.
Part of training with Blackbird is figuring out exactly what you need for your specific goal. Whether your goal is Weight Loss, Lean Body Mass or just Overall Fitness, your program needs to reflect that goal.
“A body fat measurement and weight-in will be conducted monthly. That way, both you (the client) and Blackbird will be able to be aware of your progress so that we can make any necessary adjustments to your personal plan to help you to stay motivated and on target toward meeting your personal goals.”
:   homework sent through the FitSW app that includes video demos of all exercises.
:   body fat measurements, every 2-3 weeks
1 hour session training:::: Cost depending on which trainer  
1x a week: 60.00- 75.00 a session = 240-300 (4) consecutive weeks.
2x a week: 60.00- 70.00 a session = 480-560 (4) consecutive weeks.
3x a week: 50.00-60.00 a session = 600-720 (4) consecutive weeks.
 ½ hour session:
2x a week: 35.00  a session= 280 (4) consecutive weeks.
Partner Training: 35.00 each person per hour, minimum 2x a week = 560 (4) consecutive weeks.
** Does not include nutrition coaching
Breakdown:: 280 per person every 4 weeks.
Small Group: 3 people: 30.00 each person per hour, minimum 2x a week= 720 (4) consecutive weeks. Breakdown:: 240 per person every 4 weeks.
** Does not include nutrition coaching