Marlo Kovach

NASM, CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), SFS (Senior Fitness Specialist), FNS (Fitness Nutrition Specialist), Trigger Point, TRX
“If you are willing to let me help you, then you have already started on your path to a healthier life.”
With over 15 years experience as a personal trainer and nutrition coach, Marlo has trained all types of clients - from corporate executives to former NFL players, each working towards goals such as weight loss, rehabilitation, and sports-specific training. In training the gamut of all client types, Marlo is very much the ‘Swiss Army knife trainer.’ There is no goal that Marlo cannot help her clients reach or any obstacle that she cannot work around to help clients achieve what they always thought was unobtainable.

Brenda Frederick

NASM, ACE Group Fitness Instructor, TRX, CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist), Power Pilates Mat 1 Certification, CPR/AED
“I’m here to give 100% to any person that is willing to change their lives for the better.”
Brenda’s journey in fitness went from never working out to competing in a figure competition, and showed her how much not only exercise but also nutrition plays into a total transformation process. As she saw how this led to her own success, she knew she could help others achieve their personal goals no matter how small or large. Working with clients of all ages and fitness levels, Brenda specializes in weight loss, corrective exercise, and sport-specific training.
Brandon Richardson
“I believe that with proper planning, training, and consistency, anyone is capable of accomplishing their goals.”
Brandon’s athletic and training background stretches from competing in football and wrestling throughout my childhood, to running marathons and ultra-marathons. He trains clients from all walks of life, whose goals are as simple as being able to play with their grandkids to as lofty as wanting to run 100 miles - and everything in between. Brandon’s approach is on that favors consistency and moderation over intensity, and succeeding through providing a safe, structured, enjoyable way for clients to reach their desired outcome.
Lauren Sears
NASM, CFL1 Olympic Lifting, Student Physical Therapist Assistant, USAT Triathlon Coach, CPR/AED
With over 8 years of personal training and nutrition coaching experience, Lauren is a former professional Triathlete and a forever-fitness enthusiast with a love and passion for helping others reach their full potential. For the past few years, Lauren has been growing as a competitive jiu jitsu artist and MMA striker, and loves to incorporate a little kickboxing into workouts if it is of interest. She is currently working towards a degree as a physical therapy assistant, and capable of modifying any movement to meet and improve limitations.
Lindsay Compton
“Let’s find our way through this together.”
Lindsay may be just life you. For much of her adult life, her workout regimen consisted of a few trips to random bootcamps that left her discouraged about how out of shape she felt and lacking the motivation to go back. She never envisioned herself being a “physically fit” person, but began her personal journey training with Marlo and Brenda in the summer of 2017, and now leads teaching group classes, helping clients understand that getting in shape doesn’t have to be so scary and unobtainable.
Liz Van Dyke
CPR/AED, Prenatal/Postpartum Training, KETTLE-BELL
“I am excited to bring my passion of fitness to Austin.”
Liz joins Blackbird after 7 years of personal training in northern Virginia. Much of her life has been dedicated to health and fitness, and her goal is to share my passion with my clients. Her specializations include strength, endurance and circuit training programs for weight loss, increasing flexibility/mobility, improving cardiovascular health and endurance, and toning up and improving overall health. Additionally, Liz loves working with clients looking to maintain or regain their shape pre/post-labor, and as a yoga enthusiast, she often integrates yoga into her workouts. Her innovative and dynamic approach to fitness, combined with a motivational spirit, are some of the factors that create a one of a kind workout.

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