Group Classes

  • Single class: 16.00**
  • 10 pack: 115.00**
  • 20 pack: 200.00**
  • 30 pack: 270.00**
**These do not include body fat measurements or tracking.
Group classes and personal training Combo Pack:
1x week 1:1 personal training for 4 weeks with a purchase of a 10pack.
This would be a 1:1 training session every week for 4 consecutive weeks.

335.00   plus tax which includes:

:Body Fat measurements every 2 weeks
:Monitoring via MyFitnessPal
Class Descriptions: All classes emphasizes heart rate training and it is recommended to wear a heart rate monitor while taking classes for exact measurement of calorie burn.
Beginner Bootcamp: * 45min class
This class takes a student through the basics of a cardio driven workout. There will be focus on form and posture through out. This class is recommended for someone who is just getting into fitness and needs to start off with a more simple and guided approach to group classes.
Average Calorie Burn: 200
Foam Roll and Stretch: ** 40min class
Tight muscles? Imbalances? Foam Roll and Stretch class goes over trigger points and myofacial release spots over the entire body to get all the kinks out. This 40 min class will start from the top of the body to the bottom hitting key muscle groups that can be over worked or tight due to lack of or too much exercise.
Lower Body Cardio: ** 45min class
This class is designed and focused around the lower half of the body. Blasts of cardio during the entire class sure to keep that burn up!! Lower body workout to help you tone, lift and slim down.
Average Calorie Burn:300
Hip Hop Tabata CORE: ** 45min class
This class emphasizes a CORE based workout with a mix of tabata exercises to keep your heart rate up during the entire workout. This class is taught with a hip hop playlist with all lyrics in tact.
Average Calorie Burn: 250
 High Octane Bootcamp: **** 45min class
This class is intended for students who are ready for a high intensity cardio driven workout. Circuit based workouts with a focus on cardio. You will hit your max in this explosive 45 min class. NO INJURIES.. Students should have strong wrists, knees and cardio endurance.
Average Calorie Burn: 300
Total Body Conditioning: *** 45min class
In this 45min class you will rotate between TRX exercises and weighted cardio driven circuits. Moving from upper body to lower using TRX through out the entire class.
Average Calorie Burn: 300
Your N Your Out: *** 45min class
Total body bootcamp workout in just 45min. Higher intensity to get you ready for the second half of the work day, or a quick workout on the way home. Working in pairs you will move from high intensity exercise to a more focused slower exercise, playing with heart rate intensity! Be ready to get energized!
Average Calorie Burn: 300
Tabata Total Body: **** 30 min class
This is an intro into working out in a higher intensity. Working the entire body in a short amount of time using explosive exercises. This class is for those who want a quick workout who have never tried working out in a faster paced timed workout. Very little breaks.
Average Calorie Burn: 200
 Tabata Weighted: **** 30 min class
This class for those who are familiar with Tabata style workouts. A higher emphasis on the cardio aspect with less amounts of different exercises. 20 sec on and 10 off.. this is a max out cardio class and only for those with strong lungs. This class will use weights with almost all the exercises.
Average Calorie Burn: 200
Upper body Sculpt/Tabata: ** 45min class
This class is an emphasis on upper body strength combined with cardio using circuits of tabata’s. Tone, strengthen and sculpt those arms and burn out your total body with cardio.


To sign up just go onto Mindbody to see class schedule.