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Thank you for your interest in our Group Weight Loss Program. Out next group will being on March 2, 2020. and we are taking signups now, so please contact us.

Our 8 week program is designed to give you direction and accountability not only in exercise but also nutrition. Included in the 8 week program are the following:

  • Weigh Ins: 3x weigh-ins at the start, middle, and end of the 8 week program
  • Body Fat Measurements (optional): 2x measurements at the start and end of the 8 week program
  • Workouts: 45 minutes circuit style/bootcamp classes. Exercises can be modified based on present levels and skills, as we want everyone to be successful and leave the classes feeling accomplished.
  • Classes: These will be held 3 days a week at 3 different times - 6:15am, 11:30am and 6:15pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the program. Participants can take 2 classes per week for a total of 16 classes. We will have 2 makeup classes offered at the end of the 8 week program.
  • Homework: A cardio/bodyweight homework plan will be provided to participants to help keep active outside the studio.
  • Meal Guide: We will share a basic nutrition guide for both carnivores and vegetarians at the beginning of the program, which will include recipes, grocery lists. and helpful tips to be successful.

Whether you are looking to extend the success of your individual training or wanting to find community in your workouts, contact us with any questions and to find out more.


Cost Per Person

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  • Tax Not Included

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